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Order Fulfilment Challenges faced by E-commerce companies

E-commerce companies utilize multiple channels to generate customer demand and receive orders. These orders may originate from their own website, popular marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart and others, or through various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Once these orders are received, the next critical requirement is to efficiently fulfill them, which involves processes like picking, packing, labeling, and dispatching them via courier. Whether it's a startup handling a few orders per day or an established D2C brand or marketplace dealing with thousands of orders, the utmost priority is to ensure immediate fulfillment to meet customer expectations of timely deliveries. However, each of these scenarios presents different challenges in the order fulfillment process for E-commerce businesses.

Goldfishh e-commerce-fullfilment

To accommodate large product inventories, specialized warehouses are essential. These uniquely designed facilities are capable of efficiently handling a high volume of order fulfillment processes on a daily basis. However, establishing and managing such e-commerce fulfillment warehouses to improve delivery scalability demand considerable expertise and come with significant expenses.
Goldfishh -Solution for Supply Chain Management

Handling a substantial number of daily orders can be challenging without the aid of Software Technology. The seamless integration of Warehouse and Order Management software, along with skilled human resources equipped with Warehouse Tech infrastructure (such as Barcode scanners, Printers, Workstations, Cameras, etc.) is vital in ensuring streamlined operations.
Goldfishh Local-e commerce delivery service

To execute product deliveries to customer doorsteps, establishing partnerships with multiple delivery service providers covering numerous pin codes across the country is essential. Balancing cost optimization and delivery efficiency is vital due to the significant impact of delivery costs on the overall product mix. This requires ongoing planning and process management.
Goldfishh On-demand Logistics Service

In addition, various other processes, such as Cash on Delivery, Customer Returns management, Customer complaints, and the associated Quality Control (QC) and verification procedures, as well as audits and reconciliation require well-thought-out SOPs. These processes might vary depending on the product category being handled.

Goldfishh UNECOM: The ready to use E-commerce fulfilment network for
Unlimited Growth

Comprehensive E-Commerce Fulfillment, empowering seamless supply chain management for D2C brands. Embrace a scalable pay-per-usage model, becoming asset-light without Capex investments.
Outsource Fulfillment Operations to experts—warehousing, technology, skilled staff, logistics, and service delivery. Focus on core aspects like brand, products, marketing, and customer demand.
Experience Pan-India Omni-channel fulfillment, driven by a model that provides you with a crucial cost advantage in operational logistics at scale.

Why Choose Goldfishh UNECOM as your E-Commerce Supply chain Operations Partner?

  • Cost Savings: Get an all-in-one end-to-end solution with Warehouse, Fulfillment, Logistics & Delivery consolidated. Benefit from an asset-light model with no Capex, only variable costs based on usage, and no infrastructure costs.
  • Team Capabilities: Partner with an experienced E-commerce team, equipped with extensive knowledge, to swiftly overcome operational and technological hurdles. Together, we'll find solutions in record time, ensuring seamless progress.
  • Long Term Scalability: The future of Omni-Channel E-commerce canters on bringing products closer to customers, enhancing cost efficiency and customer satisfaction. Goldfishh's pan-India warehouse network is tailored to get you future-ready for this goal.
Discover seamless technology that integrates all your sales channels, enabling centralized stock and inventory management for a completely automated fulfillment process.
Our Warehouse Infrastructure is specifically tailored for all channels of E-commerce Fulfillment and traditional omni-channel distribution fully integrated to enhance your pan-India presence.

Goldfishh is a new age technology company driven by a mission to provide growth impetus supply chain solutions to the retail and e-commerce industry. Founded by technocrats and business domain experts from prestigious institutes - IIT, BITS Pilani, and IIM, we bring years of industry experience to create innovative solutions that have the potential to disrupt the market and deliver substantial value to stakeholders within the Warehousing & Logistics ecosystem. Goldfishh's services are powered by 100% cloud software, delivered through a pay-per-usage model (SaaS). This powerful blend of software and physical offerings creates unparalleled value for both B2B and B2C customers. Our diverse portfolio includes the following Goldfishh Services:

Goldfishh EVERYWARE:

Managed Warehouse Service. Shared Warehouse in Pay-per-use Mode. Get future ready - Go asset light at reduced Cap-ex.

Goldfishh UNECOM :

Managed Warehouse for E-Commerce Fulfillment. Suitable for Direct to Customer E-commerce brands as well as Manufacturers and Sellers.

Goldfishh DISBEE:

Managed Services for Brands facilitating online business expansion through digital distribution and sales on online marketplaces.

Goldfishh WAREVER:

Warehouses on Lease. Warehouse sourcing partner for multi-location pan-india rapid supply chain scale up requirement.

Goldfishh STOREX:

Long term Asset Storage Services for Commercial Business, Offices / Retail and Household goods.

About Goldfish UNECOM:

Goldfishh UNECOM is a comprehensive end-to-end e-commerce fulfillment solution tailored for Direct to Customer (D2C) brands. Scale your e-commerce venture limitlessly with our fully tech-automated warehouses utilizing Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Order Management System (OMS) to seamlessly integrate multiple warehouses in a pan-India network. Our asset-light model allows easy integration with logistics service providers to suit your distribution and delivery needs. Whether you're a start-up or a growing e-commerce business, seeking market expansion, cost optimization, or enhanced efficiency in fulfillment, reach out to us to discuss how we can add value to your journey.