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Looking for Warehouse & Logistics services for new age Omni-channel Distribution or E-commerce Fulfillment?


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Goldfishh offers Integrated Warehousing & Logistics solution
for Omni Channel distribution


Experience the ease of our automated Shared Warehouse Services, operating on a pay-per-use, asset-light model. Benefit from lower monthly costs, exceptional flexibility, and scalability for your agile supply chain. Alternatively, you have the choice to select a Dedicated Custom Warehouse Managed Service.

Maximize the power of E-Commerce Fulfillment for seamless Omni-channel. Trust seasoned experts to handle warehousing, technology, logistics, and service, allowing you to focus on core aspects like product innovation, brand marketing and customer needs.

Goldfishh Service Offerings

Goldfishh EVERYWARE:

Managed Warehouse Service. Shared Warehouse in Pay-per-use Mode. Get future ready - Go asset light as save costs
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Goldfishh UNECOM:

Managed Warehouse for E-Commerce Fulfillment. Suitable for Direct to Customer E-commerce brands as well as Manufacturers and Sellers
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Goldfishh DISBEE:

Managed Services for Brands facilitating online business growth through digital distribution and sales on online marketplaces.
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Goldfishh WAREVER:

Warehouses on Lease. Warehouse sourcing partner for multi-location pan-india rapid supply chain scale up requirements.
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Goldfishh STOREX:

Long term Asset Storage Services for Commercial Business, Offices / Retail and Industrial
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How it works - The Service Delivery Model

  • To get started, simply submit a quick Online Enquiry to Goldfishh. Our team will reach out to you to understand your specific business requirements.
  • Next, a senior consultant from Goldfishh will schedule an Online meeting to provide a complimentary supply chain optimization solution tailored to your needs.
  • Upon acceptance of the proposed solution, you will receive a commercial proposal outlining the recommended approach. Once an agreement is reached, your account will be assigned to a customer success Ops team, who will handle the setup and ensure a smooth transition to operations.
  • Your team will receive comprehensive training on remote order placement and seamless operations. By leveraging our structured processes, you can effortlessly place orders, and we will efficiently execute them at our Warehouse.
  • Invoices will be generated at the end of each month for your convenience. Grow your business with confidence as we support you every step of the way.

Goldfishh is a new age technology company driven by a mission to provide growth impetus supply chain solutions to the retail and e-commerce industry. Founded by technocrats and business domain experts from prestigious institutes - IIT, BITS Pilani and IIM, we bring years of industry experience to create innovative solutions that have the potential to disrupt the market and deliver substantial value to stakeholders within the Warehousing & Logistics ecosystem. Goldfishh's services are powered by 100% cloud software, delivered through a pay-per-usage model (SaaS). This powerful blend of software and physical offerings creates unparalleled value for both B2B and B2C customers. Our diverse portfolio includes the following Goldfishh Services:

Goldfishh EVERYWARE:

Goldfishh EVERYWARE offers a Managed Warehouse service to enterprises requiring traditional Warehouse Services (outsourced 3rd party Logistics or 3PL) for their supply chain operations. Our on-demand Warehousing solution suits companies seeking an asset-light approach to expand their supply chain network, including consumer goods retail distributors in sectors like FMCG, pharma, food, and consumer electronics. We seamlessly integrate selected warehouses with a Warehouse Management System (WMS), providing a unified view of your supply chain and distribution network. Our pay-per-usage model adds value to the company’s supply chain optimization objectives, catering to general, cold storage, or refrigerated warehouses. Companies can embrace this innovative 'Warehouse as a service' approach to enhance their Warehouse network without substantial financial commitments, saving costs and enabling flexible supply chain planning and agile marketing strategies.

Goldfishh UNECOM :

Goldfishh UNECOM is a comprehensive end-to-end e-commerce fulfillment solution tailored for Direct to Customer (D2C) brands. Scale your e-commerce venture limitlessly with our fully tech-automated warehouses utilizing Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Order Management System (OMS) to seamlessly integrate multiple warehouses in a pan-India network. Our asset-light model allows easy integration with logistics service providers to suit your distribution and delivery needs. Whether you're a start-up or a growing e-commerce business, seeking market expansion, cost optimization, or enhanced efficiency in fulfillment, reach out to us to discuss how we can add value to your journey.

Goldfishh DISBEE:

Goldfishh DISBEE offers a managed distribution service tailored for brands seeking either traditional distribution or a cutting-edge, future-ready custom-designed approach, all powered by technology-driven processes. Leveraging our extensive network of pan-India warehouses, Goldfishh can create a bespoke distribution system focused on Heavy & Bulky category products. This encompasses various consumer durables that require diverse distribution and delivery services, including appointment delivery to major marketplaces like Amazon, facilitated by strategically located Goldfishh warehouses.

Goldfishh WAREVER:

Goldfishh WAREVER provides an all-in-one solution designed to facilitate the rapid expansion of your supply chain network throughout India. As your dedicated partner, we offer a seamless process for contracting leased Warehouses in multiple locations pan-India, fully customized to suit your unique business requirements. From sourcing warehouses and negotiating prices to handling contract signing, we take care of every detail on your behalf. Leveraging our extensive network of warehouse owners, real estate agents, and dedicated ground-level teams across India, we ensure a swift take-to-market plan, particularly for clients facing mission-critical business situations.

Goldfishh STOREX:

Goldfishh STOREX offers a comprehensive warehouse storage service tailored to both B2C Customers and B2B Enterprises. For B2C Customers, it caters to their long-term or temporary self-storage needs for household items, accommodating storage requirements for a few months or more. Meanwhile, B2B Enterprises, including corporate offices, retailers, restaurants, and manufacturers, can rely on Goldfishh STOREX for secure and dependable storage solutions for furniture, fixtures, equipment, documents, or consignments.

Get in touch with us and we will be happy to discuss your Warehousing requirement E-Commerce and 3PL distribution.