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Goldfishh DISBEE:

Online Channel Sales & New age Distribution

Facilitating digital volume growth for brands.


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As brands expand their reach from urban to up-country markets through online channels
like marketplaces the need for an efficient New age distribution
model becomes critical

Goldfishh has a ready to use warehouse network in over 30 cities in India, positioning us as a trustworthy digital partner for brand sales and distribution. Our main focus remains on serving Brands in the Heavy and Bulky category, showcasing our commitment to being a dedicated partner in achieving Omni-channel success.
In today's business environment, enhancing sales predominantly involves harnessing online marketplaces. This includes providing services such as appointment deliveries (for platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.) and establishing the capacity to reach products in upcountry markets. These services collectively result in cost efficiencies for brands.

Goldfishh offers future ready fully tech enabled online sales and new age distribution models that are custom created as per the specific
needs of the Brands

Goldfishh pay-per-use Warehouse
Greater Reach in an agile mode
Get the flexibility and scalability required to design a distribution network that is just right for your Business.
Goldfishh on-demand warehouse
Reduced cost of ownership and operations
In upcountry markets, adopting a shared warehousing and distribution model can enhance economies of scale and enable brands to operate with greater efficiency and optimization.
Goldfishh Warehouse Management
Optimising sales performance on Online Marketplaces
The forthcoming era centers on Online Sales and the digital supply chain functioning as digital twins, furnishing up-to-the-minute information about retail sales and supply chain operations. Flourishing in this approaching landscape demands businesses to wholeheartedly embrace these technologies.

The New age business works on new-age sales and distribution models. Explore what's good for you with Goldfishh.

Opt for the Conventional cash and carry distributor model, involving "selling" your stock to the distributor. Unlock the potential of full tech automation to achieve remarkable process efficiencies.
Alternatively, contemplate the option of engaging in online sales via your dedicated brand website or by tapping into prominent marketplaces. Opt for Goldfishh's managed services to revolutionize your online sales and marketplace fulfilment strategy.

Goldfishh is a new age technology company driven by a mission to provide growth impetus supply chain solutions to the retail and e-commerce industry. Founded by technocrats and business domain experts from prestigious institutes - IIT, BITS Pilani, and IIM, we bring years of industry experience to create innovative solutions that have the potential to disrupt the market and deliver substantial value to stakeholders within the Warehousing & Logistics ecosystem. Goldfishh's services are powered by 100% cloud software, delivered through a pay-per-usage model (SaaS). This powerful blend of software and physical offerings creates unparalleled value for both B2B and B2C customers. Our diverse portfolio includes the following Goldfishh Services:

Goldfishh EVERYWARE:

Managed Warehouse Service. Shared Warehouse in Pay-per-use Mode. Get future ready - Go asset light at reduced Cap-ex.

Goldfishh UNECOM :

Managed Warehouse for E-Commerce Fulfillment. Suitable for Direct to Customer E-commerce brands as well as Manufacturers and Sellers.

Goldfishh DISBEE:

Managed Services for Brands facilitating online business expansion through digital distribution and sales on online marketplaces.

Goldfishh WAREVER:

Warehouses on Lease. Warehouse sourcing partner for multi-location pan-india rapid supply chain scale up requirement.

Goldfishh STOREX:

Long term Asset Storage Services for Commercial Business, Offices / Retail and Household goods.

About Goldfish DISBEE:

Goldfishh DISBEE presents a managed service for online sales and electronic distribution, following the Managed Services Model. This offering is designed to cater to brands in pursuit of conventional distribution or a pioneering, forward-looking custom strategy, all of which are supported by technology-infused procedures. Capitalizing on our widespread network of warehouses spanning across India, Goldfishh possesses the capability to craft a personalized online sales and distribution mechanism specifically oriented towards products in the heavyweight and bulk category. This encompasses a range of consumer durables necessitating varied distribution and delivery provisions, including appointment-based deliveries to major platforms like Amazon. These operations are facilitated by strategically positioned Goldfishh warehouses.

Get in touch with us and we will be happy to discuss your Warehousing and distribution requirements.