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Re-imagining Technology Solutions for Warehousing, retail and e-commerce Logistics


Founded in 2020, Goldfishh is a company that focuses on solutions for the retail and e-commerce industry. Our focus is to use technology to reengineer the supply chain processes revolving around Warehousing Logistics and Order processing – for conventional distribution, modern trade and e-commerce businesses. Powered by technology, we aspire to offer differentiated solutions that can create value to our client’s business operations. Our mission is to work in the background to let our customers reap the fruits of cloud-based technology driven platforms in the retail supply chain and e-commerce domain.

Goldfishh is run by a team of technology professionals from industries comprising Warehouse infrastructure development, FMCG distribution, Retail, Logistics and E-Commerce. With rich experience of working on tech driven internet ventures in the past we are a team that is committed to deliver value to our customers through tech disruption and high-quality service.

Goldfishh offers software driven services in the areas ranging from short term storage and warehouse management systems across India that can work like a seamless plug-and-play solution. For Supply chain distribution, modern retail and e-Commerce industry especially direct to customer (D2C) brands, Goldfishh offers end-to-end order management and e commerce fulfilment solutions powered by ready to use WMS and OMS platforms that seamlessly integrate between warehouses taken up on a ‘pay-per use’ basis- in an asset-light model and integrated with transport logistics and last mile ‘hyper-local delivery’ services.